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New painting started

Every year at the tattoo shop, we all get together and draw names for secret santa and have a christmas party. Usually everyone will make paintings for one another. This year I have my boss, so I figured I would show them what I have learned and draw out my first backpiece. I was doing some reading and came across a female samurai warrior who slayed the king of dragons. This story attracted me so I thought I would do my own spin on it, using my boss at the samurai warrior(ess).

So far I just have an acrylic and ink wash on there for an underpainting. I cannot decide if I want to incorporate color or not, so I'm going to put it away for the night and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

sorry about the
not so great quality, its taken from my blackberry.

Will post updates in the next day or two.

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas for 2009

When you are asked to imagine a wedding, the first image that comes to mind is beautiful bride in a stunning white wedding gown, with lots of tulle, lace and pearl accessories. The white veil, the long train are also associated with that white wedding image.

However, there are many brides today who are opting for non-traditional wedding dresses - this appeals to brides who want to bring in color into their wedding dress, those who want to be unique and special, and prefer elegant simplicity to fussy adornments. A lot of brides in other cultures opt for colorful bridal dresses for their wedding. In fact, white as a tradition in Western weddings was brought about during the Victorian era, before that Western brides wore wedding dresses with color.

Contrary to belief, opting for non-traditional wedding dress does not mean you cannot afford to purchase one of those expensive designer white wedding dresses that are popular in bridal boutiques. Non-traditional wedding dresses can also be quite expensive depending on your designer. So do not imagine that you would be viewed as "cheap" by picking a non-traditional wedding dress.

By picking a non-traditional wedding dress, you can be sure to stand out and be remembered by people. While the trend for non-traditional wedding dress is picking up, it is still not that prevalent for you to be considered as just one of the many. A non-traditional wedding dress is a sure way for you to be special!

There are a lot of pretty colors to choose from, and here are some ideas to get you started on picking out the perfect non-traditional wedding dress.

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

Blue Weddings

Vibrant Blue Wedding Dress
Perfect for a Beach Wedding, or Destination Wedding Theme

Baby Blue Wedding Dress by Maggie Sottero
For an Elegant Wedding Theme

Deep Blue Weding Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ultimate
Definitely for the Spunky and Hip Bride
Blue wedding dress with Purple Tulle

Green Weddings

Exquisite Green Wedding Dress

Blue and Gold Wedding Dress

Green Blue Wedding Dress
Non-Traditional Wedding Dress for a Hip Bride
This dress is inspired by ethnic Indian Design

Sleek Green Bridal Gown
Kiera Knightly in the movie Atonement
in a Green Formal Dress
That would Make a Great Sleek Bridal Dress
for a Simple and Elegant Wedding

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New flash sheets!

Just a sneak-peak at two new flash sheets. New set will be on sale before Christmas of this year. Hit me up via email to reserve a copy for your shop today!

On top check out the new ghetto-fabulous sheet! Below is the filligree aka ornamental stuff in black and grey. More to come!!!

Things at the shop have been getting better by the day. Still frustrated, but not so much. I'm finally taking my test to become licensed to tattoo in Hawaii in January. I'll be working at Skin Deep Tattoo in Waikiki from Dec 13 through Jan 22.

Will post more later.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Winter Bridal Hairstyles

The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for the Winter Bride

If you have decided on a winter wedding, and you have picked out your perfect winter wedding dress and decided on the perfect winter wedding make-up look, you should now think about picking out a complementary winter wedding hairstyle.

First rule of thumb - pick something that suits your personality. Do not pick something totally out of your character. Your discomfort with a brand new hairstyle that is out of the norm from your usual style will show. And that would be a sure way to ruin your wedding day!

Second, do look through magazines and wedding hairstyle blogs for ideas.

You have the choice of going with something more formal or something more relaxed. A formal wedding hairdo can be an up-do with elaborate styling and accessories. A relaxed hairdo can be a half-up and half-down hairstyle, or leaving it down with flowing tresses.

Third, keep in mind that there is absolutely no restriction to picking out a perfect winter wedding hairstyle. It all depends on the theme of your overall winter wedding plan, the wedding dress, the decorations and so on. If your wedding is formal, then a formal hairdo would be most appropriate.

Fourth, if you are hiring a hairstylist, do book a trial appointment to see how well she works with the style you have in mind. It is also a good idea to see how you will look in the hairdo you pick. What you see in a picture or photograph on someone else, might not always be the right look for you. For instance, if you have a very round face, an up-do hairstyle might not be the best for you. You have to keep these things in mind as you select your winter wedding hairdo.

Here are some image ideas of winter wedding hairstyles that can get you started on narrowing down a perfect hairdo for yourself!

Perfect Winter Wedding Hairstyle Looks

Classic Winter Wedding Hairtsyle Formal Updo Look
With Tiara and Traditional Veil

Winter Wedding Hairstyle
Elaborate Ponytail at the Nape

Winter Wedding Bride
with Long Flowing Tresses

Winter Wedding Formal Hairstyle
Floral Chignon

Vintage Glam
Winter Wedding Hairstyle
Flowing Hair Down

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Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Here are some fantastic ideas on picking out winter wedding centerpieces. The choices are aplenty. For example, white flowers always appear sophisticated adding a high-class ambiance to your wedding reception. Other flowers that also are great choices include snowdrops, hyacinths and irises. If you are looking to add color to your winter wedding centerpieces, red and green are two good choices. A more muted color choice would be blue, or ice blue. And you can use ice sculptures are your winter wedding centerpieces - but they are a little bit pricey.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces
By Patri Truman

There is always something magical about getting married in the winter, especially around Christmas time. It is the time of year when the family gather together to celebrate the holidays, and so it is just very special if you are planning on getting married around such a festive occasion. But there are so many other advantages when getting married in the winter. If you plan your wedding one year in advance, you can get lots of winter decor objects for your wedding centerpieces the year before at great prices. You just have to make sure you really plan ahead!

So many decorative items get marked down after the holiday season. From lovely poinsettia flowers, to strings of wonderful shiny lights, greeting cards, candles, silk flowers, Christmas decorations... the list is endless.

Your wedding centerpieces could look really great at a very low cost. It is really easy to fire your imagination away and create great winter themed centerpieces. Also, the flowers at this time of the year are just so beautiful and perfect for the occasion, like snowdrops, hyacinths and irises. They can all add a touch of glamor to your wedding centerpieces and at the same time keep them simple and very elegant. White flowers always appear sophisticated adding a high-class ambiance that caters for all ages.

If you want to have a more colorful wedding, try other colors that really match the winter season. Red or green are perfect for the occasion. Red is likely to create a very lively mood. Your centerpieces can really stand out, or you could try mixing red and green with poinsettias and candles around your tables for a more festive theme.

Try to think outside the box. Things like frosted vases, artificial flowers, confetti that could be shaped as small hearts, mistletoe, pine cones, berries, ivy, or even fake snow. Bells can also add a warm Christmas feel to your centerpieces.

If you are not in a low budget, ice sculptures would really impress all of your guests. They could be individually tailored to each one of the tables. Then, have a big sculpture on the main table. That will surely give people something to talk about. Be adventurous; make sure your wedding decor stands out. Fire your imagination and plan well ahead. It will pay off in the end. Also, you don't want to be running around like mad in the last few days before your wedding!

Patri Truman is author of Best Wedding Centerpieces and has also written about Centerpieces For Your Winter Wedding.

Article Source:

Winter Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Blue-Green Winter Wedding Colors

Winter Wedding Centerpiece - Magical Inspirations

Winter Wedding Centerpiece - Blue

Homemade Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Winter Wedding Centerpiece - Ice Sculpture

Winter Wedding Centerpiece

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Gallery show!

I have more news!!!  I will be showing my artwork at the Portside Parlor and Art Gallery located at 20 S. 2nd Street in Philadelphia. First Friday in November!! This is a group show with my fellow tattooed friends from Body Graphics and No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo. So excited!!!!

Here's more new art!

Garuda Painting for sale: $200.00  prints will be available after Nov. 10th. Contact me to get one from me directly! The Pink skull from a previous post will alos be available.

Another painting/print for sale. Watercolor on Paper. I will have prints of these made for cheap!

 IVA-CULA!!!!  Also for sale, acrylic on canvas

Sneak peak at new ORCHIDS flash page! (Coming Christmas!)

More to come!!!!


I finally was able to come into the shop early enough to get some practice in.... grapefruits!

I have been pretty frustrated lately, with the whole thing. It felt good to just sit down and listen to the machine for a little while before my mentor came in to watch. I know that I signed up an "old school" apprenticeship, and its very difficult to just be patient and take in all the information that you can. After watching 3 friends go from apprentice to "professional" tattooer in less than 2 yrs, I have a better appreciation for those that have really put in their time. I'm blessed to know that I am one in very few of my generation to receive a "real" apprenticeship, one that will actually count for something. I have been apprenticing for 2 yrs and 3 months, still have yet to tattoo a paying customer. My friends bug me to practice on them, and I feel like if I am made to wait any longer I will explode! I get alot of "what kind of tattoo apprenticeship doesn't have you actually tattooing?" Well, after I am done these 3-4 yrs, I will not only be able to put in a clean and solid tattoo, but I would have built the machine I tattooed with, built the needles I used, spun the coils on my machine, mixed the inks used to put in the tattoo, and fixed up the broken clip cord after it shorted out during that tattoo. How many "professional" tattooers can say that that are under the age of 30? Not many, but I will. The tradition behind tattooing really interested me from the beginning, and the MOST traditional thing about tattooing is the road which you take to actually learn how to do it. Just like when Leonardo apprenticed Raphael. I am so excited to start, and don't have much farther to go.

So, to the grapefruits!! Practiced some vines hand drawn on a grapefruit as stencil doesn't go too well. My linework is not as shaky as before, but I need to get better at pulling long lines and picking up on started ones. That seems to be hardest part for me so far. "SLOW THE HELL DOWN!" I have to keep telling myself. I paint very fast, and therefore draw fast.... but tattooing is forever, no erasers people...

That's all for now, will post some more artwork in a bit.

Winter Weddings | Designer Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter will be upon us very soon! While some of us are dreading the onset of winter, others yet are relishing it. The select few (some say crazy ones) who love winter, will also be the ones to dream about magical winter weddings. Yours truly included.

Here are some fantastic ideas on how to hold a magical winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Magic

Great Winter Tips For Your Unique Wedding
By Paul J Easton

When we think about wintertime, the thoughts coming to our mind are those of snowflakes, pine cones and hanging icicles. Use the winter season and make your theme of a wonderful "white" wedding.

Make your winter wedding special with these unique ideas:

Wedding Colors

Choose your favorite color you want to use for your wedding theme. You can have the traditional colors, such as red and green for the winter season. You can also consider silver and white with crystal accents. Use your favorite color for choosing your wedding dress, the invitation cards, flowers and other decorations.


Winter weddings are usually held indoors and they call for more formal invitations. You will find a lot of wedding cards for your winter themed wedding invitation. A fresh idea for a formal winter wedding invitation is to write your invitation on frosted Plexiglas with white or black scripted ink and send them out in silver envelopes. Cocktails and Drinks Take advantage of the winter season. Offer your guest outstanding cocktails and a mouthwatering menu that will keep in your guest's mind for years to come.

Offer your guests a winter cocktail after the official ceremony, such as a Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail. It is a unique twist to the traditional wedding toast of regular bubbles. You can also offer your guests an exclusive warm drink, just right for wintertime. A comforting drink can be a hot chocolate and warm apple cider. Surprise your guests with something new. Have a look on the internet which cocktails will fit to your winter theme.

Wedding menu

You can't go wrong, when you offer a warm soup for your guests as a starter. Even a tasty noodle soup with pasta in heart shapes, with small pieces of meat and fresh vegetables would be a great idea. As a main meal traditionally you could have a tender beef roast, surrounded with potatoes and a lot of different vegetables (red cabbage). In modern times you also have the option to offer a delicious fish or tasty chicken instead of beef. You should have some vegetarian meals on offer as an option for those guests, they do not eat meat. Surprise your guests and finish your meal with a sorbet in a shape of a snow man, surrounded with hot berries.


If you are planning a winter themed wedding, most important part is the decoration. Of course, there are not many opportunities for having the wedding outdoor. To get an indoor place such as a big ball room at a club or school would be ideal. The wedding location is very important. It should be a pleasant place, where your guests can enjoy themselves. Are you looking for the latest decoration trends? Ask your friends to build up two real snowmen at the entrance outside, if it is cold enough outside. When using personalized name cards and serviettes with winter designs to match the winter themed colors are also great assets to the table decoration.

If you do not like the idea of fresh flowers for your table decorations, then try this:

Use white or silver helium balloons with winter themed ribbons and tie them up to little decorative sandbags and leave them on the tables. Those balloons look great and this idea is not a very expensive either.

Weddings are always such special days that you want to create and organize something, which makes your wedding unique. I hope that all the tips will help to plan the best event of your life.

Paul Easton welcome you to visit which was created while planning her own wedding. Pick up the F-R-E-E Wedding Planning Checklist plus Great Unique Wedding Ideas and Money saving ideas, vouchers and discounts on Wedding Gowns, wedding flowers, favors, plus Save hundreds of hours managing all guests, budget, vendors, gifts, seating, honeymoon, and much more. All F-R-E-E

Article Source:

Winter Wedding Ideas

Designer Winter Wedding Dress with Fur Trim

Try This Classic Winter Wedding Dress Idea
Classic Designer Winter Wedding Dress
Worn by Audrey Hepburn

Long Sleeves on Winter Wedding Dress
Keeps Arms Covered and Warm
Show Legs or Not

Throw a Wrap Over Your Winter Wedding Dress

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Art show coming up!

Just posting that I will be showing at the Portside Parlor and Art Gallery, the new tattoo shop/ Art Gallery in Olde City, Philadelphia. Me, along with many other artists from our shops will be exhibiting at a group show on the First Friday in November. Most works will be for sale, so stop by and buy something to feed our broke asses!!

Featuring previously posted Blue Skull and pink skull, along with the Garuda painting and a small painting of a Hula girl.

Will post soon!

Thanks and come check it out!


Fall Weddings | Ideas for Bridesmaids Dresses

So you are having a fall wedding. You have picked out your beautiful couture wedding dress, your wedding flowers and settled on fall wedding decorations. Now it is time to select the bridesmaids dresses.

The bridesmaids dresses should be complementary to your overall fall wedding theme. So there are certain tips you should keep in mind when selecting your bridesmaids dresses.

For one, fall bridesmaids dresses should be in rich tones, sleek and made of heavier materials that would be suitable for the fall weather. If the bridesmaids dresses are halter-top or with thin straps, then Accessorize the bridesmaids dresses with stunning and matching pashmina shawls.

Read on for more of such tips on selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Lovely Fall Bridesmaid Dresses
By Bridget Mora

Fall will be here before you know it, so if you have not yet ordered the bridesmaid dresses for your autumn wedding, now is the time! The styles for fall are different than those you might choose for a summer wedding; they tend to be richer and more understated. Here are some suggestions on how to pick the loveliest bridesmaid dresses for your fall wedding.

No matter when your wedding is going to be, one of the most important factors when dress shopping is determining the level of formality that you want. If you are planning an evening wedding, then floor length bridesmaid dresses will look the most elegant. Daytime weddings will have more flexibility. For fairly traditional weddings, long dresses will tend to be the most classic choice, although tea length can also work well if the bride is wearing a gown with only a short train. If you are having a relaxed rustic style autumn wedding, your bridesmaids can definitely get away with knee length dresses, which most attendants prefer anyway.

Fabric is one of the things that gives an autumn dress the richness that suits the season. Wispy chiffons and organzas are wonderful for the summer months, but they are too insubstantial for chillier weather. Turn to weightier materials like satin, dupioni or shantung, or even a luxurious brocade. Think about incorporating other warm and cozy fabrics like cashmere or mohair in the form of wraps to wear with the bridesmaid dresses.

In terms of style, almost anything goes, as long as it is not too bare for the chillier fall months. If you are planning on strapless bridesmaid dresses, they should definitely be accessorized with wraps or shawls. Spaghetti straps are okay for fall, but a wider strap or even a halter would be a bit more seasonal. Another idea is to choose dresses that tie in with the one shoulder trend that is all the rage right now. This would be a stunning style for a formal wedding when interpreted in a rich copper satin fabric.

Speaking of color, this is really where you can give your bridesmaid dresses an autumnal flair. It is best to stay away from light pastels, and instead go with hues that have some depth and richness to them. Chocolate brown, burgundy, and bronze are some of the most gorgeous fall colors. You can also think about selecting a bridesmaid dress in a color like deep yellow or sage green that is not dark, but that has the right richness for fall.

The perfect bridesmaid dresses deserve the perfect accessories. Sets of customized bridesmaid jewelry make wonderful gifts from the bride. You can have bridesmaid jewelry sets handcrafted in Swarovski crystals or pearls to match the color of the dresses your attendants will be wearing. Also think about their shoes. While it is really better to allow each attendant to choose the shoes that she finds most comfortable, for a later fall wedding, you might want to request that your bridesmaids wear closed toe shoes. There are many fabulous options beyond basic pumps or flats, including mules, slingbacks, and D'orsay pumps.

The warmth of autumn makes it a beautiful time to have your wedding. Your bridesmaid dresses should also strive to capture the richness and texture of the season in terms of color, fabric, and style. With these tips in mind, you will be sure to find absolutely stunning dresses for your bridesmaids that will enhance the style of your wedding.

Look to Bridget for advice on planning your wedding. Check out how we can help with your bridesmaids jewelry at Bridesmaid jewelry sets make wonderful gifts for your attendants.

Article Source:

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Brown Bridesmaids Dress Paired with Blue Pashmina Shawls

Brilliant Red Fall Bridesmaids Dress

Fall Bridesmaids Dress in Brown Silk with Silk Wrap

Tea Length Eco-Inspired
Silk Green Color Bridesmaids Dress

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